Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hayden's first ER trip

Hayden had his first ER trip today :( We were there for 5 HOURS and he was such a trooper. Kayleigh was too. I am so blessed to have such wonderful kids.

So, Hayden was playing on the floor with his crate of toys and I look at him and he had what looked like paper in his mouth. I get it out and it's one of those silicone packs from the beef jerky packages that have 'DO NOT EAT' all over it. I freak out and look at it really closely and it didn't look like it had a hole in it or anything, but I was still worried to death, so I got us all dressed and teeth brushed and off to the ER we went!

We get there and it was really slow, or so I thought. No one was in the waiting room so, silly me, I thought we were going to get in and out. Ha. It took the doctor over an hour to come in and even talk to me. He informed me that he wanted to look up what the packet was and then see if they are detectable on x-ray. Well they could be or couldn't be. He was mainly concerned that it was in his lungs, so he wanted to check it out. About an hour and a half later, we finally get to go to the x-ray.

The infant x-ray machine was HORRIBLE! They line it up and hook up these plastic things that eventually go around the body. They sick him in there with one leg on one side and the other leg on the other side, like he was riding a horse. They hold his arms up above his head and snap him in. As soon as it went 'click', Hayden started crying! Poor little guy. I didn't stay out there and hold his hand b/c I knew it would be worse for him, so the tech did it and had another girl come in and push the button.

Turns out, he most likely didn't get one. If he did and it went into his tummy and so on, they aren't going to worry about it. He was acting normal and eating the same and everything, so the doctor wasn't really worried.

The worst part was that we wasted this whole beautiful Saturday inside a hospital! At least it's going to be nice tomorrow!

Here's some pictures of him in his little hospital gown. They are from my phone, so don't mind the horrible quality!

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  1. Oh that poor sweetie!!! I'm glad everything is okay.